My Philosophy

Valeria was born in Monza on February 22, 1982.As a young girl her love and passion for gymnastic was apparent.

From the ages of six to seventeen years old she trained hard, wich led her to win many of the competitions she entered.

She attended the prestigious Italian Professional Dance School (SPID) in Milan, where she studied a three – year course in dance, singing and acting. She graduated as “Tersicorea Opera and Dance Instructor.”

Her experiences in both national and international events made her into a strong, passionate, confident female artist. When Valeria encountered Pole Dance, it was love at first sight. The combination of being able to combine the grace of dance with the strenght and energy of acrobatics was a dream come true.

Latest News
Down from pole with Valeria Bonalume: pole dance needs determination.

I know Valeria since she started pole dance. I first followed her shyly about social and then I had the pleasure of meeting her. She was also one of the